Fiat 500 tripod cv joints
The weakest part of the Fiat 126/500 driveline system is the outer, rubber vulcanized coupling arrangement. Replacing this rubber coupling with our tripod joint eliminates all reliability problems associated with the driveline.
If you are upgrading your engine for increased horsepower, then this upgrade is highly recommended. Installing our joints kit is not difficult, but you will need to follow the instructions:
Fiat 126 “tripod” joint assembly instruction

The set consists of following elements:

- joint trunk
- tripod
- self-locking nut
- rubber snubber
- spacer pipe
- joint boot with clamps
- two packets of grease

1. Completely disassemble the trailing arm hub assembly.
Check the trailing arm for damage or cracks. If damaged or cracked, repair or replace trailing arm.
2. Check both bearings and stub axle shaft for wear.
If there is any sign of wear on the stub axle, or if the bearings are noisy replace these items before proceeding.

3. Install the tripod housing on to the splined portion of the stub axle. You may have to tap it on with a hammer.
Leave the wire ring on the tripod housing, you will need it later.

4. Attach the tripod housing to the stub axle using the provided 27mm nyloc self-locking nut.

Be sure to put the nyloc nut on with the locking ring FIRST!

Tighten the nut to the factory recommended torque. Be sure to check the bearing preload and make sure the axle rotates freely.
5. Fill the tripod housing with the grease from one of the two packets.
6. Install the rubber snubber into the opening on the end of axle shaft.
7. Install the listed items in the following order: Rubber boot first (small end first), then spacer, and finally the tripod joint itself (Make sure the recessed side of the tripod joint faces toward the end of the axle.
8. Place circlip in groove at the end of the axle.
9. Push the axle into the gearbox far enough to allow the splined end to be passed through one of the slots in the tripod housing. (You may to push out the gearbox.)

10. Slide the tripod and spacer forward and into the tripod housing until the tripod is in contact with the circlip. 11. Fill the boot with grease from the second grease packet.

12. Slide rubber boot onto the tripod housing so that it is past the retaining ridge in the housing.

13. Place one end of the wire boot retaining ring onto the rubber boot, and using the small retaining ring as a guide, rotate the axle until the wire boot ring is completely on the rubber boot. This will install the wire ring without damaging the rubber boot.

14. Adjust the small boot clamp for the size of the inner boot diameter and place on boot.
15. Slide clamp and rubber boot assembly so that it is against the plastic washer and spacer (this holds the tripod in position on the end of the axle).
16. Compress the small metal clamp with a set of pinch pliers.


This completes the installation. Turn the axle to insure that it does not touch the trailing arm.
You should have 5mm clearance between the installed tripod joint and the upper and lower surface of the trailing arm.